On the 23rd October 1984, Mr Barrie Childs chaired the 1st Sylvania Waterways Limited General Meeting at Doltone House at Belgrave Esplanade, Sylvania Waters. During that meeting, Barrie detailed a disturbing incident that occurred earlier in that year.  A privately owned company who owned and operated large scale marinas in NSW and QLD, had recently attempted to buy the Certificate Of Title for the Sylvania Waters seabed, literally from under the noses of the residents.

If it wasn’t for the swift actions of Barrie and several other weaterfront residents, the sea-bed would today certainly be owned by an entity other than the residents.

Today, the primary responsibility of Sylvania Waterways Limited is to represent and protect the residents regarding their waterfronts and the seabed.

It is critical that the Company remains solvent, for this purpose, residents share in the cost of maintaining the company by purchasing a nominal share application fee, payable at settlement when a property is purchased. This fee is a fraction of the annual fee payable by most other waterfront owners not protected by the walls of Sylvania Waters.

Shares may only be purchased by those 364 waterfront property owners that border the canals of Sylvania Waters.

The company actions are intended to enhance the pleasure of residents waterfront lifestyle whilst preserving and enhancing the value of their property.

Simple regulations and procedures exist with reference to waterfront facilities such as pontoons, walkways, mooring poles, etc. These are designed to safeguard the rights of all waterfront residents.

The Company also has the responsibility of:

  • Ensuring seawall and capping beams are built or restored in accordance with approved engineering plans
  • Policing a number of aspects of the covenants applicable to all properties in the waterways
  • Liasing with the statutory authorites, such as Sutherland Council regarding Sylvania Waters and the Sylvania Waters seabed

The Company also provides the opportunity for its members to meet and to have a voice in formulating policies and programs to enhance the Sylvania Waterways community.

The Company in conjunction with Sutherland Shire Council, maintains and services pollution booms to reduce the entry of rubbish into the waterways of Sylvania Waters.

Examples of additional services initiated and maintained by the Company are:

  • Sulphate Soils management plan
  • Pontoon and other waterside device approvals
  • Community involvement and communication
  • Development of sylvaniawaters.com
  • Instigation and assistance of the beautification of Sylvania Waters project
  • Various other matters associated with Sylvania Waters and the residents

As with any public Company, its affairs are conducted on a day-to-day basis by a Board of Directors who devote their time on a voluntary basis. Further, the Australian Companies Code and the Memorandum & Articles (the Constitution) imposes many obligations upon the members of the Board.

The Company is managed by an elected board which normally comprises between 7 & 10 in number. Two vitally important functions of the board are to ensure the company remains solvent and to act in the best interest of the members.

The number of Directors can be varied by the annual general meeting of members at the time of election.

For further information regarding the board or other information regarding Sylvania Waters, please see Resident Information or contact us via the contact page.