Sylvania Waterways Ltd EGM 2017 Results

Posted November 27, 2017

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For Against Abstain
Resolution 1 25 107 2
Motion Defeated.
Resolution 2 18 111 5
Motion Defeated.
Resolution 3 25 106 3
Motion Defeated.
Resolution 4 14 113 6
Motion Defeated.
Resolution 5 9 117 7
Motion Defeated.

Resolution 1:

That the Company receive and accept Sea-Wall Group ”Voting Form” documents signed by the Members of the Company, and maintain these forms as part of the records of the Company, and that the Company approve and authorise the construction of Seawalls within the estate utilizing the Truline System.


Resolution 2:

That the positions of directors of the Company be declared vacant.


Resolution 3:

That nominations be received for the appointment of persons to the office of director of the Company at the meeting, and that those nominations be voted upon by the members at the meeting.


Resolution 4:

That the Company receive and consider the statement of claim filed by Cheryl Dianne Hopkins before the Supreme Court of New South Wales, against the Company.


Resolution 5:

That the Company’s directors are authorised to settle the proceedings commenced against it by the company member Cheryl Dianne Hopkins, on such terms involving the avoidance of cost and liability to the Company, and that the Company is otherwise restrained from incurring costs in respect of the proceedings otherwise than for the purpose of achieving settlement of the proceedings.